It is Highly Recommended that you Print Out these Instructions for your Convenience and for Reference.

In order to access Calumet Online you will need to have the WinZip, the FC3.5 program & our Settings File.

Both files are zipped so if you don't have WinZip you can  Click Here to Download WinZip

Download the WinZip file into your download folder. When the download is complete, go to your download folder and double click on the file to start the installation process. It is a self installing program so you shouldn't have any problems.

You are now ready to download the FC3.5 program and our Settings File into your download folder or onto your desktop, whichever is easiest for you to access.

To Download the FC3.5 program for Windows Click Here!

To Download the Calumet Online Setting File Click Here! 

After your downloads are complete, its time to install the FC3.5 program.

Go to your download folder or your desktop (where ever you downloaded the file to) and double click on it to bring it up.
The name of the file will be (If a box comes up asking you whether you'd like to use Wizard or Classic, choose Classic. If its just the regular popup window, click "I agree"). Choose to use "Evaluation". 

Click on the file named  Setup.exe  
You will first see a box asking to extract the files into a temp folder.
Click OK.
Now you will be walked right through the installation process, step by step. 

Here is what to expect:
The setup box will come up (click "Next"). Your destination directory will be FCWIN (click "Next"). All boxes will be checked in the next box (click "Next"). In this box the "install application only" choice should be selected (Click "Next"). Now you will be able to choose a name for the program file. In the box under "Program Folder" type in the name Calumet Online (click "Next"). You will see the files loading, and when they're done, your setup is complete!!!

Now it's time to install the Settings file.
Go to where you downloaded and open it. Click once on the CalumetOnline.fc file that is located inside of the winzip box. At the toobar at the top, choose to "Extract". 
Choose to extract the file in your "FCWIN settings" folder. (which can be found by going to: Local C drive --> FCWIN ---> Settings)

Congratulations! You are now done with the installation and Ready to Visit Calumet Online for the First Time!!!

Log onto your Internet Service Provider (this convenience saves you from any long distance charges!)

Then go to "Programs" listed in your Start Menu and choose First Class Client.
Then select First Class Client for Windows. 

When the program comes up, you may see a box that reads:
"The application or DLL C:\WINDOWS\system32.WINNLS.DLL
is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette."

Click OK

Next, go to the top and on the Toolbar choose to "Open Settings".

Double Click on Calumet Online. A desktop will appear.

Create a User Name and Password, click to Log On.

A Registration Screen will pop up.

After you've registered, you will enter Calumet Online to become familiar with you New Online Home!

If you have any problems (which is rare) please check our "Trouble Shooting" page.


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All rights reserved.