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What is Calumet Online?
What is on Calumet Online?
Who is welcome to join?
What is a Conference?
What are Chat Rooms?
What do I need to access Calumet Online?

What is Calumet Online?

Calumet Online is a self-contained online community.  Because it is smaller in scale then larger services, you'll find it to be a very comfortable environment. It's a great place to Meet New People and Make New Friends! 

What is on Calumet Online?

There are numerous conferences to capture the interest of people of all ages. Everyone is welcome to participate!

The possibilities are endless! The more members participating, the more fun and interesting Calumet Online is. So invite all of your friends and family to join too!

Who is welcome to join?

Although we are located in NW Indiana, you do not have to be local to access Calumet Online. Our members range in all ages, from all walks of life and from all over the US.

One of the nice features of Calumet Online is that we have TCP-IP access which allows everyone (with a user ID and Password), no matter where you live,  to access Calumet Online without any long distance charges!  Just log onto your local ISP (Internet Service Provider) and then start up the First Class Client and activate Calumet Online.  So whether you're in Indiana, Florida, California or anyplace else just as long as you have your ID and Password you will be able to access Calumet Online without ringing up any long distance charges.

What is a conference?

Conferences are a great way to get people communicating. These shared discussion areas let people exchange messages and files on topics of interest. Conferences appear as folders that can be accessed with a simple click of the mouse. Conferences are perfect for sharing information with large groups or creating a collection of information.

Calumet Online has numerous conferences to fit everyone's interest.

What are Chat Rooms?

Community chat rooms are open to all members. Participating in community chats is a great way for you to become familiar with other members!

Special interest chat rooms are geared towards a specific topic.

Private chat rooms can be created by any member. You can invite as many members as you'd like to participate in your chat, in private or public chat rooms.

What do I need to do to access the Calumet Online?

You will need to download the first class software and settings file which are located in the Download Center and install them. You will find the installation of the software very easy.


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