If you are having problems logging onto Calumet Online it is recommended that you print out the following information for your convenience and reference to check your settings.

If you receive a message box that reads: "The application or DLL CWindows|System32Winnls.dll is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette".... Just click the box marked "OK".. and continue to go to file... then choose the Calumet Online settings file. This error message comes up with some newer computers and is nothing to be concerned over.

If you are having trouble logging onto Calumet Online please check the following:

Be sure that you are using First Class version 3.5. Calumet Online will only work with this version or a previous version.

Bring up the FC Client... at the toolbar choose "File"... choose "Open Settings".... then choose "CalumetOnline".

Check to be sure that the settings are correct....

Connect Via = TCP-IP.fcp

Server =

Network = leave it blank

Phone Number = leave it blank

Click on "Setup" (at the top on the right, next to TCP-IP)

Protocal = TCP-IP

Next, click the "Advanced" button

The "TCP Port" should be set at 510

Proxy Port should be 1080

Proxy IP address should be blank

TCP Buffer should be set at 10000

After you are sure all the settings are correct, click the "Save" button

Now choose to "Save" the first screen

.... Now all should be fine!


If you are still having problems:
Feel free to send us an email at



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